Shamir Expressions

Shamir invited over a hundred of eyecare professionals around the world to try out the new Glacier Expression™ coating for themselves – without being given details of its properties – and compare it to the coatings they had previously been using. All, without exception, chose Glacier Expression™ as the clear winner.


Our eyes are the windows to our souls, often offering a precious glimpse of who we are and how we happen to feel. Yet when eyeglass lenses reflect screen glare and other light sources, this not only reduces visual clarity but also obscures others’ view of our eyes. Shamir Glacier Expression™ – our new, innovative lens coating – is designed to effectively overcome this.

With the powerful reflection reduction producing clear, detailed vision, Glacier Expression™ lets you look good , see sharp and feel great.


Improved aesthetics and up to 70% less reflections* of the light that our eyes are most sensitive to.

The product of extensive research and development, Shamir Glacier Expression™ raises the bar by utilising a greater number of accurately calculated layers, while retaining a similar thickness and durability level. This enables it to specifically regulate those light wavelengths that the human eye is most sensitive to, and achieve enhanced control over reflectance.

The result – drastically minimised reflections, reduced obscurement of your eyes and, ultimately, improved aesthetic appeal.

*Than standard premium coating


Improved contrast sensitivity and light transmittance for the clearest, sharpest possible vision

Uncompromising visual clarity & detail with +25% improvement* in contrast sensitivity

Shamir Glacier Expression™ keeps reflectance on lens surfaces down to a minimum, ensuring increased transmittance of light for all wavelengths, especially those that the human eye is most sensitive to. The resulting improvement in contrast sensitivity ensures outstandingly sharp vision, with increased detail resolution.

*Than standard AR coating

~50% of eyeglass wearers* gain significantly accelerated reaction times

The sharper and more detailed your vision, the faster your response. Superior contrast sensitivity translates to fast reaction times in daily activities, and can ultimately even improve your vision while driving, especially at night.

*Based on clinical research conducted at Shamir.


Enjoy comfortable vision with minimised visual background noise

Shamir Glacier Expression™ coating lowers background visual noise and increases the SNR (Signal to Noise Ratio) which indicates how clearly you are able to see versus the visual noise around you. An increase in SNR can help reduce fatigue and eye strain and provide a more comfortable visual experience throughout the day.


Shamir Glacier Expression™ exceeds even the premium properties, with multiple extra layers that not only optimise optical performance, but also deliver enhanced aesthetics. Powerful UV protection for the eyes Shamir Glacier Expression™ coating includes extra UV protection that prevents harmful rays from being reflected into the eyes from the rear surface of the lens. The resulting UV protection is for both incoming light* and light reflected off the rear lens surfaces.

Powered by Layercalc™ technology

Proven algorithms maximise light transmission and minimise reflections

The Glacier Expression™ coating stack consists of a number of optical layers with different refractive indexes, while each layer is precisely calculated via LayerCalc’s sophisticated, empirical-based technology. The ability to calculate each layer as a unit allows control of the different wavelengths and increases the performance of the coating as a product.

As a result of the groundbreaking LayerCalc technology and SNR analysis, our advanced coating delivers superior optical performance, reducing reflectance from lens surfaces down to a minimum, ensuring maximum transmittance of light to your eyes and ultimately enhancing your aesthetic appeal, vision and comfort.