Numerous different versions of Light-reactive lenses for everyday wear are available.

Most react when exposed to UV light, growing darker according to the light intensity although some photochromic lenses which respond to visible light as well as UV light are also available, these lenses can be activated when driving, which traditional photochromic lenses have been unable to do.

The most commonly available colours are classic brown, grey and green (G15) versions are available, as well as a wide range of fashion colours from a number of our partners:


Transitions Light intelligent lenses automatically adapt to changing light conditions for optimal visual comfort and style. Additionally they help protect against harmful UV and Blue-Violet light indoors and outdoors. Transitions is the number one photochromic brand recommended by eye care professionals. Explore our range of photochromic technologies below; whether you want conventional everyday lenses, driving specific lenses or a stylish fashion pair of lenses, there is a solution for all.


The latest generation of Transitions lens technology. There’s no need to slow down with lenses that provide the best visual performance indoors, outdoors, day and night.

Available in 3 iconic colours.


Photochromic technology that activates in the car. Adapts with UV and visible light; clear indoors and extra dark outdoors for additional protection against bright sunlight.

Available in 3 iconic colours.


Stylish photochromic technology for those who want to up their fashion game. Transitions Style Colour lenses adapt with light to complement your frame and diminish glare.

Available in 4 different colours.


Mirrored photochromic technology letting you create an eye-catching look. The tint and mirror intensity will adapt as you move indoors to outdoors.

Available in 4 different mirrored colours.


You can provide wearers with the lens comfort they need in all different light situations possible. This allows a range of combinations that suit different wearer needs and can be tailored for almost all Hoya lens designs such as freeform, single vision and progressive lenses.

The Sensity family now consists of three types of photochromic lenses. Sensity – which we introduced back in 2014, and two new product innovations: Sensity Dark and Sensity Shine.

All Sensity lenses give your customers a darker tint when outdoors and they quickly fade back to being exceptionally clear indoors. During these rapid transitions, total UV protection remains in place.


These lenses darken outdoors and fade back to full clarity indoors, ensuring your customer a comfortable vision in all light conditions without having to change glasses.


Acquire extra darkness in the open air as a reaction to UV light and visible light, offering the extra performance your customers require in their outdoor activities


Give your customers an exclusive look thanks to a mirror coating that is more intense in the light yet subtle when indoors.


Ultrachromic lenses are adaptive lenses designed for all-day wear, they offer a slight tint in interior conditions approx (10%) and darken with exposure to UV light. 

As with other photochromic lenses, Ultrachromic lenses provide 100% protection against UV radiation.

Available in 2 colours:

brown (increases contrast) and grey (neutral, supports correct colour vision).