Odyssey Lenses

The Wolds Odyssey range is our latest freeform lens series. The Odyssey is available in clear, Transitions Generation 8, Transitions XTRActive, and Transitions Style Colours along with a more economical photochromic solution and polarised options. Available in indices from 1.50 to 1.74 in all coating options as well as the new Odyssey Blue, there’s something to suit every need.
The Odyssey collection is an ideal replacement for the outgoing foundation HD and Superior HD range.


  • Odyssey
  • Odyssey Plus
  • Odyssey Premium


Wolds Odyssey is an entry level lens aimed at being a perfect replacement for our popular Foundation HD range but with more options including Odyssey Blue.

Digital FreeForm lens available in two fitting heights, 15mm and 18mm making them compatible with most fashionable frames

• Digitally surfaced

• Reduced Distortion


Wolds Odyssey – Digital freeform mid range lens offering clear vision with a focus on prescription accuracy and reduced image distortion.

Available in three fitting heights, 15mm, 17mm and 19mm.

• Digitally surfaced 

• Reduced distortion

• Wider vision zone

• Smooth power transition


Wolds Odyssey A freeform varifocal lens with high definition, natural vision and customisable to the frame.

Variable fitting heights: From 14mm to 22mm

• Digitally surfaced 

• Reduced distortion

• Wider vision zone

• Smooth power transition

• Tailored to the frame

This lens can be personalised at your request, please provide:

BVD, Panto, Wrap, Mono heights & PD’s and frame measurements.


Giving a boost in blue-violet light protection.

Blue-violet light has many environmental sources such as the sun, LED lights and bright screens. The absorption of blue-violet light can enhance contrast for digital device users  to improve the wearer’s experience when using digital devices.

Odyssey Blue lenses provide both indoor and outdoor protection against ultraviolet and blue-violet light, offering seamless, strain free vision. The embedded technology formula creates a material that absorbs UV and blue-violet light rays. The protection is therefore integral to the lens material and is not an additional anti-reflective coating. Odyssey Blue filters out only the blue-violet light whilst allowing blue-turquoise light to pass through the lens. While many blue-blocking lenses have a yellow hue that makes the lens unappealing to look at, this residual tint is reduced in Odyssey Blue lenses thereby achieving the fine balance between performance and aesthetics.  We offer Odyssey Blue lenses in the Odyssey range in combination with any of our available coatings.


Transitions style colours – Four vibrant fashion colours, the perfect combination of frame and lenses.

Style Colours is a collection of four photochromic lens colours: amethyst, sapphire, emerald and amber, which adapt from clear to dark when exposed to UV light. They add a contemporary element to prescription eyewear. Transitions Style Colours make a strong style statement and offer 100% UV protection. Not only that, they protect against blue light when in the clear state. They are excellent for both indoors and out which makes them as functional as they are stylish. These are available across the Odyssey range.