Hoya Lenses

Hoya Vision provides the premium quality products, the cutting-edge tools and a dedicated support organization to make the independent optician thrive along with the support offered by Wolds Optcial

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Progressive design for todays demands.
Hoya’s progressive lenses offer support in our fast-paced, digital world. Hoya Daynamic is our new lens with a full backsurface
progressive design that ensures wider fields of vision.
It is easy to order as no individual parameters are needed.

Back Surface Design Technology and View Xpansion Technology
Positioning the aberration control on the back surface provides a more suitable position in relation to the eye, resulting in an extra wide field of view especially in the intermediate and near vision area. As a consequence, the head movements required are reduced and
a more natural feeling is achieved.

With its View Xpansion Technology.
Daynamic maximises the visual field to the periphery of the lenses for large clear viewing areas. By decreasing the blur, it offers clear vision, especially for digital devices held at any viewing direction.

Technology for a wider view Less distortion.
The result is a wider view area and less distortion, which provides superior vision at all distances as well as more freedom in frame selection without compromising on visual experience.

Your patients will benefit from:
• Sharp vision in all distances
• Large and clear viewing areas
• Good performance-to-price ratio
• 11mm and 14mm corridor lengths


Life just got simpler with LifeStyle 3.
Hoya’s new and improved progressive lens combines premium Binocular Harmonization TechnologyTM with the ease and comfort your patients want.

LifeStyle 3 simply suits any patient’s lifestyle. Easy to explain, easy to prescribe, easy to adapt to.

Designed to better match your patient’s lifestyle.
The progressive lens comes in three design variations to meet today’s changing visual demands.


A progressive lens with a focus on near vision, reading and usage of digital devices


A progressive lens with equal focus on all main areas


A progressive lens with primary focus on distance


Hoya Enroute – the driving lens that takes you places

EnRoute lenses are designed specifically for motorists, minimising the stress on the visual system, providing a more comfortable driving experience. Combining a premium single vision or progressive lens design with a specially developed Glare Filter and an optional contrast-enhancing filter.

Our promise
HOYA’s dedicated EnRoute lenses offer clear, contrast-rich vision in the far distance, of the dashboard and in mirrors. Drivers can feel comfortable and confident on the road, whatever the weather or time of day.

For whom
EnRoute lenses are suitable for all kinds of drivers, from regular commuters and road-trip lovers to people running occasional errands .

EnRoute Pro offers that extra visual support required by professional drivers who are on the road frequently and for long periods of time.

Consumer Benefits
• Reduced glare and re ections from oncoming tra c and streetlights
• Better contrast and brightness while driving in low light conditions
• Clear vision in the far distance, the dashboard and in mirrors
• Easy switching between distances
• Relaxed and comfortable driving
• EnRoute Pro developed especially for professional drivers


Hoya’s most durable anti-reflection coating, we are so confident you will be impressed with the quality of Hi-Vision LongLife that it comes with a 3 year no quibble guarantee.

Hi-Vision LongLife ensures a light transmission of almost 99%, providing more comfortable vision and an elegant look.

Scratch Resistant
Hi-vision longlife offers the best scratch resistance within the Hoya coatings portfolio.

Water repellent
Hi-Vision LongLife has a water contact angle of 107.50 degrees, and in combination with its improved hydrophobic layer, which provides a smooth surface, it is virtually impossible for water drops to settle on the lens surface.

It’s a well known fact that spectacle lenses attract dust, especially after cleaning. Hi-Vision LongLife has an anti-static layer which prevents dust from adhering to the lens surface.

Dirt repellent
Spectacle wearers clean their lenses an average of ten times a day. Hi-Vision LongLife is dirt repellent and easy to clean. Grease and dirt are removed in just a few wipes providing optimal transparency, even after long-term use and intensive cleaning. HVLL is available to order across the full range of Hoya’s lens designs and materials.