Most modern sunglasses, particularly those designed for sport, have a high lens curvature which is important to the function of sports frames, but can lead to an increase in visual distortion.

The Wolds Pioneer freeform SV DS and Wolds Pioneer Individual NG Progressive lenses are examples of premium, highly personalised lenses, that enable us to compensate the power of the lens to allow for the extra curve of the frame.

Many prescriptions are unable to be glazed into high curve wraparound sports or fashion frames with conventional glazing techniques.

With our specialist glazing equipment we are able to mill complex edges, bevels and drill holes onto high index lenses. This enables us to glaze many of these wraparound style frames, such as Oakley, Adidas & Rudy Project, along with most fashion sunglasses.


When ordering these it is important to provide the following additional measurements:

  • Pantoscopic tilt angle
  • Frame curvature
  • BVD

This enables us to compensate the power of the lens to allow for the extra curve by aligning the optical axis and the visual axis.

These lenses are available clear, tinted, polarised, mirror coated and with dual or back surface anti-reflection coatings and in numerous refractive indices.