Essilor Lenses

Essilor Ltd has worked closely with Wolds Optical for many years and through our time proven excellence and commitment to providing first class work we have been awarded with Varilux Specialist Laboratory status.

The Essilor portfolio consists of an impressive range of leading brands including Varilux. Other leading brands include Essilor Transitions, and the latest Crizal Family including Sapphire.

Through our partnership with Essilor you have access to all Essilor lenses, including the latest Varilux designs such as Varilux X-series, Varilux Physio 3.0, Varilux E-series, Varilux Comfort New Edition, Varilux Liberty New Edition & the latest Eyezen range . All Varilux lenses come with a non tolerance guarantee, and Essilor have brought back their two-year ‘no quibble’ guarantee against scratching on all Crizal Sapphire lenses.


Near vision revolutionised.
Wearers today need to multi-task quickly and freely. Varilux® X series™ lenses are designed with multiple fields of vision in mind. Varilux X series has reinvented near vision at arm’s length.

Introducing Volume of Vision
When a wearer looks at a particular object through a Varilux X series lens they will now notice an improvement in depth and breadth of vision. This vision experience is exclusive to Varilux X series.

Reduced head movement
In all situations tested, Varilux X series wearers find they need very little head movement to find the right spot when multi-tasking at arm’s reach.

A new personalisation feature
Think of your body position when you read a tablet sat down. Varilux X series personalisation parameter ensures your patients’ vision volume is positioned and shaped where and how they need it.

Now with Eye Protect System
Embedded in Varilux X series, Eye Protect System protects wearers’ eyes by absorbing selected blue-violet light and UV light into the lens.

Lens protection with Crizal Sapphire UV
The Crizal Sapphire UV coating provides protection against UV light and is anti-reflective, scratch resistant, smudge repellent, water repellent and dust repellent.


A complete range of lenses designed for single vision digital device users, to help reduce eyestrain while protecting their visual health for tomorrow.

Our way of life has changed…
Lifestyles have changed a lot in the last decade for wearers aged 18 to 50 years old. Our eyes have to focus more intensively and repeatedly to adjust to close and variable distances with frequent switching between devices and screens. This new way of life has an impact on our visual needs, which Eyezen™ is addressing.

Eyezen is a complete range of lenses
Designed for patients using digital devices either at work or at home allowing you to recommend the best visual solution to your single vision patients. Available in 1.50, 1.59, 1.60, 1.67 & 1.74. In Transitions signature, Style colours, Suntints & Silver shadow.

Reduces eyestrain
When a person uses their smartphone, they bring it closer and naturally lower their gaze. Eyezen Focus technology is a boost located in the bottom of the lens to support the eye’s accommodation effort when using digital devices. Eyezen Focus reduces eyestrain by improving the readability of small characters and in turn helps the wearer adopt a more natural posture when using digital devices.

Now with Eye Protect System
Eye Protect System protects eyes by absorbing UV and selected blue-violet light into the material of the lens.


Varilux Road Pilot is a specific design to best match drivers’ visual needs incorporating a wide distance and intermediate vision zone.

Easy to check the dashboard and dials
The intermediate vision zone of a Varilux Road Pilot lens is enlarged to offer direct, natural access to all critical information: speedometer, audio system, navigation system and more.

A clear panoramic view
Thanks to a wider peripheral vision, wearers experience natural eye movements when checking the rear-view and side mirrors and could better anticipate lateral movements and action of other cars.

Dynamic vision with no distortion
By reducing the near vision zone, the fields of vision specific to driving are optimised and distortion is reduced. Your patients will feel safer behind the wheel.

Significant glare reduction with Crizal Drive
Varilux Road Pilot is complemented with the all new Crizal Drive coating. Drivers now experience up to 90% less reflections from on-coming light and other light sources when driving.

Now with Eye Protect System
Eye Protect System protects eyes by absorbing UV and selected blue-violet light into the material of the lens.

Essilor Roadpilot.
Essilor’s single vision version, for non presbyopic wearers.


Crizal Sapphire UV is our all new anti-reflective coating. It interacts with light by taking into account the visible and ultra violet wavelengths. Crizal Sapphire UV reduces reflections and ghost images increasing transmission of visual information, which ensures wearers are protected from light intensity. And for the first time, multi-angular light directions are now accounted for, meaning wearers will have the clearest vision possible.

Pure Vision
Improved transmission of visual information reduces ghost images resulting in a decrease of bothersome reflections.

Increased transparency
Everyone wants to be seen in their best light. Crizal Sapphire UV sets a new standard for lens transparency. Meaning wearers’ selfies are not interrupted by unwanted lens reflection.

Light protection
100% of UVA and UVB light is reflected, ensuring your patients’ eyes are protected.

Lens protection and visual clarity
Crizal Sapphire UV maintains industry leading anti-reflective, scratch resistant, smudge repellent, water repellent and dust repellent benefits ensuring ultimate lens protection.

Technological break through.
Crizal Sapphire UV has the ability to reduce reflections from multiple sources of light, cutting down more reflections than ever before.