AR Coatings

Anti-reflection coating prevents the reflection of light from the lens, thanks to which more light permeates through the lens. A large benefit of AR coating is not only that the eyes of the glasses wearer are better visible, but also that the eyes are less fatigued, especially at the end of the day. 

Here at Wolds Optical we can source lenses from all the major manufacturers and also have a very comprehensive range of own brand coatings. A few of these are listed below:


An anti-reflective treatment with an adhesive and hydrophobic layers that repel water droplets and allow easier cleaning. Available in green colour.

For 1.5 index we recommend adding a UV treatment.


Hardness – Improved Super AR coating comes with an enhanced mineral layer, which significantly increases the lens endurance and resistance against scratches and mechanical damage. Use of an innovative nano-technological formula applied in individual layers increases lens surface hardness. Lenses with Super AR coating are twice as resistant to scratching as regular AR.

Cleanliness – A new super hydrophobic layer with anti-static features protects the surface against dirt deposits and creates non-sticky surface which is easier to clean.


This anti-reflective treatment reduces harmful blue light (380-450nm) we are exposed to from computers, mobile phones, light bulbs and even the sun.

X-Blue AR provides wearers with increased visual comfort and prevents eye fatigue and will be appreciated by anyone working in an office under artificial lighting, with computers and those at-risk wearers threatened by illnesses such as macular degeneration & cataract. For 1.5 index we recommend adding a UV treatment.


Drive AR is an innovative lens coating that provides maximum visual comfort for driving, especially in poor light conditions. Be it at night, in dim lighting, in foggy weather or dazzling sunlight, Drive AR offers superior visual comfort compared with ordinary clear lenses. The Drive AR lens coating is suitable for day-long wearing.


• Provides full protection against UVA and UVB light at 400 nm on both sides of the organic lens.
• In combination with tinting and / or mirror coating, it is ideal for sunglasses.
• Has a residual 3% yellow tint on clear lenses.
• UV protection is a natural feature of high-index as well as of polycarbonate, Trivex, polarized and photochromatic lenses so is only necessary on organic lenses in 1.50 index.


This versatile lens enhancement reduces reflections from all angles for better clarity of vision and enhanced lens aesthetics.

As technology progresses, light pollution accelerates at a similar pace. Uncontrollable light sources hit wearer’s glasses from all directions, which leads to increased visual discomfort. Crizal Sapphire UV successfully resolves this.

All new anti-reflective coating
Crizal Sapphire UV is our all new anti-reflective coating. It interacts with light by taking into account the visible and ultra violet wavelengths. Crizal Sapphire UV reduces reflections and ghost images increasing transmission of visual information, which ensures wearers are protected from light intensity. And for the first time, multi-angular light directions are now accounted for, meaning wearers will have the clearest vision possible.

Increased transparency
Everyone wants to be seen in their best light. Crizal Sapphire UV sets a new standard for lens transparency. Meaning wearer’s selfies are not interrupted by unwanted lens reflection.

Light protection
100% of UVA and UVB light is reflected, ensuring your patients’ eyes are protected.

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Crizal Prevencia protects eyes from harmful blue-violet light whilst providing all the optimal vision and lens protection of a Crizal Saphire UV coating. Crizal Prevencia is the optimum protection for your patients.

Most of the visible light spectrum is essential for our vision and overall well-being. However, the part of the light spectrum made up of UV and blue-violet light can be the cause of premature eye ageing. Crizal Prevencia provides protection against harmful light whilst preserving your patients overall well-being.

Front surface protection with Light Scan
Light Scan selectively filters out harmful blue-violet and UV light, and protects the wearer by blocking 100% harmful UV light and cutting 20% of harmful Blue-Violet light.

Back surface protection
Crizal Prevencia, as all Crizal UV lenses, virtually eliminates back surface reflections protecting wearers against dangerous UV from the back surface of the lens.

E-SPF 35
Crizal Prevencia is rated E-SPF 35, which is the optimal UV protection on a clear lens*


Crizal Drive is a new premium anti-reflective coating that offers impeccable clarity of vision. Thanks to the coating performance reflections are up to 90% less when driving at night. (1)

Glare protection
By minimising the level of reflections Crizal Drive helps to maintain the wearer’s visual acuity throughout the day and night making the obligation of driving a comfortable passion.

Optimal clarity
A coating that protects your patient’s lenses from the enemies of clear vision thanks to scratch and smudge resistance and dust and water repellency.

Back surface UV protection
Crizal Drive, as all Crizal UV lenses, virtually eliminates back surface reflections protecting wearers against dangerous UV from the back surface of the lens.

Better clarity of vision throughout the day…and night.


Hoya’s most durable anti-reflection coating, we are so confident you will be impressed with the quality of Hi-Vision LongLife that it comes with a 3 year no quibble guarantee.

Hi-Vision LongLife ensures a light transmission of almost 99%, providing more comfortable vision and an elegant look.

Scratch Resistant
Hi-vision longlife offers the best scratch resistance within the Hoya coatings portfolio.

Water repellent
Hi-Vision LongLife has a water contact angle of 107.50 degrees, and in combination with its improved hydrophobic layer, which provides a smooth surface, it is virtually impossible for water drops to settle on the lens surface.

It’s a well known fact that spectacle lenses attract dust, especially after cleaning. Hi-Vision LongLife has an anti-static layer which prevents dust from adhering to the lens surface.

Dirt repellent
Spectacle wearers clean their lenses an average of ten times a day. Hi-Vision LongLife is dirt repellent and easy to clean. Grease and dirt are removed in just a few wipes providing optimal transparency, even after long-term use and intensive cleaning. HVLL is available to order across the full range of Hoya’s lens designs and materials.