Driving Lenses

Whether you are a professional driver, commuter or social driver; individuals who spend a great deal of time on the road in their vehicle are familiar with the challenges that the eyes have to overcome: From changing light conditions, dazzle by oncoming headlights, etc. The modern vehicle dashboard contains so much information that is needed to be accessed quickly and safely with minimal time looking away from the road. 

With driving spectacles this becomes easier making your journey safer, more comfortable and therefore more relaxing.


The Wolds Pioneer DRIVE progressive lens is engineered especially for driving. The position of the dash, mirrors and the distance jump between looking at the road and looking at the dash are very specific. This lens is developed for this specific task

Enhanced distance and intermediate fields of vision
Far vision has being enhanced to provide the wearer with the best view of the road and in view of the location of mirrors and digital screens, power distribution has been especially conceived to allow wearers to drive without unnecessary head movements.

Easy access to mirrors.
Mirrors are located inside an astigmatism free zone and dynamic vision has also been improved, reducing astigmatism to the minimum.

Improved visual comfort.
The visual experience when driving is improved due to a wide far vision in conjunction with the special driving requirements.

Quality of vision.
Balanced visual zones, smooth transitions, quality of vision and comfort for everyday use.

Available with specialist ‘Drive AR’ coating.
Performance optimised when combined with our ‘Drive AR’ anti-reflection coating.


Hoya Enroute – the driving lens that takes you places

EnRoute lenses are designed specifically for motorists, minimising the stress on the visual system, providing a more comfortable driving experience. Combining a premium single vision or progressive lens design with a specially developed Glare Filter and an optional contrast-enhancing filter.

Our promise
HOYA’s dedicated EnRoute lenses offer clear, contrast-rich vision in the far distance, of the dashboard and in mirrors. Drivers can feel comfortable and confident on the road, whatever the weather or time of day.

For whom
EnRoute lenses are suitable for all kinds of drivers, from regular commuters and road-trip lovers to people running occasional errands .

EnRoute Pro offers that extra visual support required by professional drivers who are on the road frequently and for long periods of time.

Consumer Benefits
• Reduced glare and re ections from oncoming tra c and streetlights
• Better contrast and brightness while driving in low light conditions
• Clear vision in the far distance, the dashboard and in mirrors
• Easy switching between distances
• Relaxed and comfortable driving
• EnRoute Pro developed especially for professional drivers


Varilux Road Pilot is a specific design to best match drivers’ visual needs incorporating a wide distance and intermediate vision zone.

Easy to check the dashboard and dials
The intermediate vision zone of a Varilux Road Pilot lens is enlarged to offer direct, natural access to all critical information: speedometer, audio system, navigation system and more.

A clear panoramic view
Thanks to a wider peripheral vision, wearers experience natural eye movements when checking the rear-view and side mirrors and could better anticipate lateral movements and action of other cars.

Dynamic vision with no distortion
By reducing the near vision zone, the fields of vision specific to driving are optimised and distortion is reduced. Your patients will feel safer behind the wheel.

Significant glare reduction with Crizal Drive
Varilux Road Pilot is complemented with the all new Crizal Drive coating. Drivers now experience up to 90% less reflections from on-coming light and other light sources when driving.

Now with Eye Protect System
Eye Protect System protects eyes by absorbing UV and selected blue-violet light into the material of the lens.

Essilor Roadpilot.
Essilor’s single vision version, for non presbyopic wearers.