Tokai Lenses

Tokai UK can enhance your current lens portfolio by giving your patients the best spectacle outcome, aesthetically and optically, with access to four of our product differentials that no one else can offer!!

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TOKAI 1.76

‘The world’s thinnest organic lens’* from Tokai is a pioneering innovation in high precision optics, opening the door to an unprecedented union of couture frame design and optical performance.

The 1.76 index is the result of dedicated research by experts with an established history in their field. This latest advance from Tokai has been tirelessly extended and refined to produce an enviable range of single vision and progressive lenses.

Revolutionary material
Developed with the discerning customer in mind, this revolutionary material means bespoke frames can be partnered with the very thinnest lens – even sleek, rimless mounts.

Large range of options
Flexibility is key to this index, with a range of 80% ABS tints and transitions VII availability.
It’s perfect for higher prescriptions where patients are much more
sensitive to the thickness and optical performance of their lenses.

Tokai 1.76, the worlds thinnest organic lens!

Your patients will benefit from:

• Full range of single vision and progressive designs
• Tintable up to 80% ABS (the tint is consistent throughout the lens)
• Transitions VII availability in single vision and progressive designs
• Suitable for rimless mounts
• High base availability (SV =3-7 base), (progressive =4-6 base)
• Larger visual field offered by advanced aspheric design technology
• 99% transparency
• Full UV400 protection


Robust material
Developed with flexibility in mind, the Tokai 1.70 index material is a useful material to have available in your dispensing portfolio.

Patient benefits
It is thinner than 1.67 index, but with a better abbe value of 36, as opposed to 32 as in 1.67.

• Available in single vision, office & PPL designs.
• Available in SV Bi-Aspheric (Rx) & Aspheric (stock & RX).
• Available in CVf design, a tailor-made Bi-Aspheric to the patients
chosen frame to give best cosmetics & optics.
• Suitable for all rimless and inline frames.
• Great for those looking to upgrade from 1.67
• Ideal for those needing clear vision in a durable lens.


Tokai Fine Edge, as thin as a blade.

Bespoke your lenses with “Fine Edge” for the ultimate in lens thickness reduction. Manufactured exclusively by Tokai.

Ideal for lenses with high negative power.
Reduces the thickness of lenses with higher negative powers, making them more aesthetically pleasing, the reduction of thickness is achieved without compromising the visual field.



Fine Edge
Makes the edge of the lens thinner and more natural.

Better Cosmetics
The distortions seen from a diagonal direction are reduced.


Lutina is a new lens material which helps to protect the wearer from the development of age related macular degeneration.

Need for Lutein
Lutein is one of the three carotenoid pigments that are present in very high concentrations in the retina of the eye or more specifically in the lens and macula. It has antioxidant properties and also filters blue light, both contributing to the prevention of AMD.

Filters the harmful UV-rays beyond 400m
To preserve the lutein in the eyes, Tokai developed Lutina. This lens material filters the harmful UV-rays beyond 400mn, protects the lutein in the macula, and by doing so, improving ocular health.

Also available as a Photochromic

Patient benefits
• Absorbs up to 94% HEV with no brash blue bloom coating.
• Tint-able up to 85% ABS giving the ultimate UV protection.*
• Available in 1.5*, 1.6, 1.67 & 1.76 index (stock & RX).
• Available in Single Vision, Office* & PPL designs.
*Excludes Lutina Photochromic