Latest technology....

We keep our lab up to date with the latest in surfacing and glazing equipment.

Our glazing department is equipped with a number of Essilor ‘Mr Blue’ edgers, these in the hands of a skilled technician make for a high precision piece of equipment.

This combination allows us to cope with all types of frames and glazing jobs, you don’t need to look any further for high quality glazing capabilities.

Mr Blue

With a fully automatic blocker and easy to use touch screen interface, finishing a pair of spectacles to the highest possible standard has become easier. Whether it is small shapes, bespoke shapes, high curve sunglasses, rimless or supra’s there really is no job that is beyond our capability.

It’s unique milling function, automatic recognition of rimless holes and high curve trace ability are just a few of the functions that keep us at the forfront of edging technology.

For further information on how this we can help you with our high quality manufacturing services then please contact customer services.

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