Rimless Glazing Department.....

We have recently launched our specialist rimless glazing department were we can glaze all types of rimless mounts to a very high standard.

Wolds Optical come highly recommended by Silhouette.

We have a large library of silhouette shapes, formers and drilling coordinates so we can return your glazed mount to you quickly and to a high standard. Having a dedicated rimless department means we can spend more time on each job setting the mounts up perfectly to show the difference between a glazed mount and a perfectly glazed mount.

As well as glazing standard shapes we offer the facility to deepen, widen or even change any rimless where possible.

We recommend using high index materials in all rimless mounts, 1.53, 1.59, 1.60 and 1.67.

For further information on our rimless glazing and any of our rimless glazed packages with selected frames we carry please contact customer services.

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Customer services: 01377 256114