be inspired by our new dual surface ...freeform progressive lens series

We are pleased to introduce to you our new dual surface freeform progressive lens series ‘Inspired’.

This is the highest performing ‘own brand’ freeform progressive lens we offer. The Dual surface design splits its progressive components between the front and back surface of the lens.

The benefits of splitting these components are a more effective progression guaranteeing the wearer easy interaction between far and near zones.

The remaining components go on the rear surface closer to the wearers eye to ensure minimal distortion and the widest possible fields of view.

The series consists of 3 models: DS Prime, DS Mezzo and DS Pro. Each model is available in 2 corridor lengths offering the following minimum recommended fitting heights:

DS Prime:14mm and 19mm
DS Mezzo:14mm and 18mm
DS Pro: 14mm and 18mm

If you would like to know more about this great lens series and would like an introduction pack please contact our customer services department on 01377 256114.