Wolds Optical presents pioneering progressive lens design.......

The back surface of Foundation HD is manufactured with complex curves that adapt the lens precisely to the visual needs of the wearer.

By incorporating the progressive design on to the back surface of the lens Foundation HD offers a wider field of view than a standard progressive lens.

Foundation HD is a digitally enhanced progressive lens, designed using the very latest freeform technology to offer a superlative visual experience.

  • Soft design progressive
  • Wide fields of view
  • Fast, comfortable adaptation
  • Smooth graduation of power
  • Good binocular balance

Freeform technology allows manufacturers to take a multi-focal lens design to higher levels of optical performance .

The Foundation HD is available in three corridor lengths, 13mm, 15mm, 17mm, these offer the following minimum fitting heights.

  • 13 corridor: 14mm minimum
  • 15 corridor: 16mm minimum
  • 17 corridor: 18mm minimum

Available in 1.50, 1.60, 1.67 and 1.74 clear. And Transitions/Transitions XTRActive 1.50, 1.60 and 1.67

If you would like to know more about this great cost effective freeform progressive lens please contact our Customer services department on 01377 25611